What ever it takes remember :“Intrusion = Endangering”!

Bridgena’s dedication, energy, perseverance and her artistic side is the epitome of her photography. Her love for nature, her acknowledgement of the natural beauty of Africa, is her canvas! Bridgena grew up in a traditional South African family on a farm in the North West of South Africa. Her Grand Father and parents instilling the respect for nature and love of the wild side of Africa! She is a qualified Teacher and at the age of 26 became an entrepreneur. Her artistic side was always there but her main priority raising 2 daughters. Anika and Janet (2 Daughters) encouragement and motivation spurred her to produce the TOP class wildlife photos thus leaving them many times at home due to educational demands ! She often quotes: My whole body and soul is rejecting the presence of City life – and this is my affirmation of organising our next visit to one of her favourite wild life Photography destinations.

Bridgena's images have appeared in numerous international and national publications, including National Geographic. Bridgena also won several international Wildlife and Nature competitions.

Johan Barnard - Husband, Father and Co-Photographer