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    National Geographic's site, YOURSHOT
    Beverly Joubert is an SA NatGeo explorer. She took the time to write me a message about my photography:
    "This is an exceptional moment. I love the title almost as much as the image because its ambiguous and I believe that photography and wildlife photography, in particular, can be ordinary if the photographer is merely taking a quick shot, merely capturing those images could end up been posters only, so some element of a question hanging is always good. So is this a moment in time, moments before death, or even moments to escape. I suspect this particular moment ended in tears for the Thompson’s but you never know. The next frame may be the two cheetahs staring at a patch of dirt as the gazelle flies over their heads to safety. But what a great moment to capture? I have to add a note here, that wildlife photography done well is painstaking, slow, unrewarding in general as you miss more than you get, and then the animals themselves sort of compete against you, filling the frame naturally with their obvious beauty. So keeping a cool head when something like this is going on, is admirable."

    National Geographic photographer, Jay Dickman took the time to write his feedback on my images: "I looked at many wildlife images, but few brought the moment to the foreground like this photo. The composition and timing are impeccable; the lighting is so nice. Look at how the ears of the springbok faun fill the left middle of the frame; the “bookends” of the two cheetahs frame the victim perfectly. So many works in this greatly engaging image–nature at it’s tragic best." This amazing blurp was published on National Geographic's site, YOURSHOT.

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